Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Escape to the country April 2018

Escape to the country - Peak District

 This year, we thought the house needed a bit of renovation. We decided to have the kitchen and bathroom changed to something a bit less dated than the 27 year old kitchen and the goodness knows how old but retiled 25 years ago bathroom. It seemed a bit mad but also sensible as if you need an electrician, he might as well do both jobs at once instead of coming back and forth. Unfortunately old houses like ours don't like plans and fight back! So when stripping out the kitchen cabinets, the plaster decided that it didn't want to stay on the walls anymore ....ably assisted by it's friend, a spot of damp....
We had been using the van for cooking and showering  ,so with plans out of the window  and some time to wait, we headed off in it.
We revisited the Derwentwater Arms  in Calver again in the peak District. We had a fantastic meal and ended up talking to the couple who were staying in the their motorhome on the car park. Imagine our surprise when Gillian told us that she used to live in Thurlstone where we live, next door to friends of ours ! Coincidence! We had a lovely chat.

Callow Top Ashbourne
We had been this campsite years ago and as they had a special offer of £11 a night, we thought we'd revisit. It always gets mixed reviews because at weekends and holidays , there are lots of free range children but mid week, off season , it's quiet. There is a brewery there and it's easy access to the Tissington Trail and Ashbourne.
There was an Autotrail rally on so it was relatively busy. We walked into Ashbourne and checked out the pubs and shops. It is a lovely town. The walk back up the field didn't seem as steep as I had remembered . 

We had a nice pitch in a corner but the next morning we were woken early by pigeons pulling twigs off the trees and dropping bits on the roof.
The next day was dry and sunny so we got the bikes out and headed up the Tissington trail stopping for an ice cream at Tissington car park. 

We talked to a dad and his young daughter who were cycling but as Dad didn't have any cash and the kiosk didn't take cards, I got her an ice cream too.  We cycled into Tissington which was busy with coach trips and carried on along the trail till my hips said ' that's enough'. 

Cycling back was easy as it is a bit downhill though the last hill off the trail and up into the campsite was tricky for me. We went to the bar for a reasonable dinner and a cup semifinal  on tv. The rallyers were having dinner too. 
Showers at the site cost 20 pence and all the facilities are good. There is an open air pool and a pub which opens in May. The next day was also sunny so we moved pitches into a sunny spot and had what might be the British summer ...sitting and reading in the sun.
We had a really nice little break away from the plaster dust.


  1. One of my favourite places the Peak District along with Greece. Hope we get some blogs of your European adventures, soon?

  2. The Peak District is a beautiful place. It's one of my favourites being a keen walker.