Monday, 10 April 2017

Post op 'pootling'

March and April : Carsington Water, Meltham,Newark, Filey and York.

Feeling 'van sick' and needing to be away from home , I rang around a few sites trying to book a night away. Five phone calls later, Paul the farmer at Uppertown Farm Caravan Park at Carsington Water said he had space. He sensibly warned me that there was a tap, and an emptying point and that was it. It was perfect for us. He also said that the field was wet but if we wanted to park on the stony track, we were welcome. So off we went to the beautiful little site, five minutes walk downhill to the reservoir and visitor centre with good views and six pounds to overnight. As it costs £4.70 to park in the daytime at the reservoir, we thought that was fine.

We had a walk down to the reservoir which was busy but it was about as far as I could manage.

We had another walk, this time uphill, to the Knockerdown Inn where we had a lovely meal and a nice starry walk back. Although there is a little bit of road noise, we found it was just what we needed for a first trip out of the year.

Will O' Natts pub Meltham
 We had a night out with friends at this little pub we had found online. We had some good food, great beer and a quiet night. There are no facilities, just toilets when the pub is open but we were made welcome. It's a short walk to Blackmoorfoot reservoir and not far from Meltham.

Newark Brownhills and Milestone Caravan and Motorhome site.

We'd needed a new fridge catch and Brownhills were fitting a new aerial so the sat nav will work consistently instead of forgetting where it is,so we took the opportunity to have a couple of nights on Brownhills motorhome parking. It was good for me as they have a swimming pool so I tried doing my exercises and swimming in the pool twice. We also had a lift into Newark and had a look around the market. We managed to look at some motorhomes too......

We then moved five miles up the road to Milestone. It is a very pretty site around a landscaped lake and gardens with very pristine showers. We went to the brewery next door which was a bit of a let down as there were no tastings, just sales. But Pete was happy to buy some beers. Sitting in the sun watching birds was nice but sadly the site is next to the A1- which we knew about- and the noise is grim. On review sites, people say they don't notice it. We have slept next to Italian motorways and slept better than here...we couldn't get used to it at all. It's a shame because it really is a pretty site.

  The A1 is just behind that bank at the back!
  Happy to try new beers

Centenary Way campsite Filey

 We've been here before, a good few years ago, and it is a neat little site about fifteen minutes walk into Filey...a bit longer for me this time.  I needed to see the sea and it's just right for that.

We stayed two nights, had the customary fish and chips, bought a crab and wandered around the town. We talked to our neighbours who were checking out their new Benimar motorhome.It is always nice to look round someone's else's van for ideas. 

Rowntree Park York.
 We had a message from friends we'd met in Greece and arranged to meet up with them in York. We were lucky to get a spot and even better to see our lovely friends and have a super evening. York is such a wonderful place- we always find somewhere new or something different to look at. This time we went to the station to the York Brewery Tap where we spent some happy time watching people and trains, drinking good coffee and beer.

 beautiful dafffodils around the the walls.
 The station and York Brewery Tap.
  Inside the pub- wonderful glass.
 Geese and goslings everywhere!
York evening


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