Sunday, 19 February 2017

Not much of a blog........

Not Much of a Blog.

More than half way through February, and I haven't posted for ages! That's because we haven't  been away in the van much. Since coming back from Greece in October, we have only done two trips, one to a wedding in Southsea and our usual December trip to York.

Hampered by hip pain, walking has been an issue and getting in and out of the van bed had become a little bit problematic.....perfectly possible to do but it just hurt. So here I am, sitting at home , reading everyone else's blogs  and planning for trips as soon as my six week post operative time runs out. The wonderful National Health Service looked after me well during my time in hospital getting a new hip and I am looking forward to getting out and about again.

November and December : Brownhills , Southsea, Stratford and Castleton.

As we were going to Loughborough to have the bikes serviced ( free ) , we thought we would overnight at Brownhills on the way down to Southsea. We left the bikes and the van and had a wander round Loughborough centre.  After collecting the bikes, off we trundled to Newark, pitched up and Pete went for a look around the vans while I holed up with a book. There is a new Elsan point and disabled toilets in Brownhills for customers staying overnight and we find it's a convenient stop.
We went over to the Roman Way pub across the road for a  nice meal. We heard some odd sounds in the night then realised it was the horses in the next field.

The next day , we had a lift into Newark and a wander around there before coming back to a serviced van, though they hadn't got a fridge catch to replace the broken one.

In the morning,  we had showers and I did my hair ready for tomorrow's wedding as we wouldn't have hook up and though it's possible, it's easier with electric. We parked up near where the wedding was, having asked permission months earlier from the management, then headed off for a lovely meal with a whole lot of friends at the Eastney Arms. We had an early night.

baby, it's cold outside...
Wonderful dry sunny weather for a winter wedding! As it was in the afternoon, Karen and me had a look round the Southsea shops, before going back to get ready. It was a wonderful wedding with a Scottish flavour- kilts and bagpipes. We had a great time meeting up with friends and their families in the wonderful Royal  Marines Museum.

Richard and Amy's lovely wedding

After lots of people had been round for coffee in the morning, we headed north - we'd been warned of slow traffic on the A34 so we went cross country...never again! It took forever! We stayed overnight in the Leisure Centre at Stratford, another good stopping off point when travelling north/south. We found a good pub showing football, had a nice meal then had a really early night.....tired from yesterday's festivities.

A bright cold start to the day at minus 5.6 degrees! We had a decent drive up to Castleton, stopping for shopping on the edge of Chesterfield. After setting up we went for a walk along the 'back lanes' into Castleton where I did my usual stunt of stepping into deep mud and getting messy while Pete  managed to stay clean. Of course we had to have a pint in the Nag's Head then back for showers and  a tasty pasta.

It wasn't a very nice day when we woke up but we managed a walk into Hope and back again in the damp foggy weather.

Another day, another walk and even though we walked along 'Dirty Lane'- that's what it is called on the map- I didn't get dirty! I managed to walk back into Castleton for an evening meal too. Christmas lights in Castleton are very pretty.

December - Annual Trip to York

We usually come for Christmas shopping, buy little, eat and drink much! The caravan club site is always busy and they had a helpful system of meeting the van at the gate, telling you to choose a pitch then return to the office. This save a queue of vans at the gate.  We went out of the back gate to watch football in a favourite pub.

After a long lie in, we went shopping- not my preferred activity but somehow it seems okay here. I think that's entirely to do with the amount of breaks we, beer and a trip into Barnitt's where there is always something to look at.

Another long lie in , then we bought boots for Pete before heading into the Chocolate House for coffee and hot chocolate. This little place is amazing- they make their own chocolate on site and you can watch it being made or just sit and relax in the warmth of the chocolate aromas.  We went into The Hop pub on Fossgate, another favourite and had pizza while listening to the singers and watching acts as the first ever Busker's Christmas Party took place. Buskers from all over York had got together to raise money for a cancer charity and they all played for free. We really enjoyed the music and atmosphere.

Phil and Karen arrived with Molly, their dog. Off we went shopping again to buy something to send to Austria as we had just heard that our friends, Gerd and Gabi have a new granddaughter.

We spent the evening in the Windmill, another Greene King pub and they had good food.

We all went into town, yet again, but I came back to the van early, tired out. I had a good rest so we could go out again at night to the Slip Inn and the Swan before having a nice meal in the Punchbowl.
Another lovely trip!

We cancelled the New Year trip to Hawes as my hip problem got worse and walking became too difficult- the first New Year at home since 1999!

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