Wednesday, 13 April 2016

 A Meet up in Moreton in Marsh   April 2016

Day 1 Brownhills, Newark
It's a good job we quite like coming to Newark as we returned to have the mirror (which was replaced because it was losing it's silvering) refixed as it was coming loose. We'd also discovered a heating pipe under the bathroom floor had detached itself and the bathroom cupboard was heating up and warming the contents! So we had a quiet Sunday evening  ready for work starting in the morning.

Day 2 Newark and overnight in Stratford
We had a nice trip into Newark wandering around the market and having lunch out. We got taken into and picked up from town by Brownhills' staff- always very obliging. It was all fixed by five o clock and with the sat nav working, we headed for a nice evening in Stratford, staying in the Leisure centre car park- £2 overnight. We were joined by some very expensive caravans with generators but fortunately they were switched off at 11pm and we had a quiet night. It's a very convenient stop. 

Day 3 Moreton in Marsh Caravan Club site.
We had a scenic drive down and got set up. we had a walk around the lovely market which had some more unusual stalls. This is a super site but it was also very busy but we managed to all get  together in a corner with lots of widlife- the rabbits came to see us and a robin sang very loudly outside the van. Andy and Carol arrived having had trouble with their fuel filter again- they were very fed up with their dealer having had it fixed.  Mel arrived and we sat in the sunshine having a restorative glass of wine and some of Mel's wonderful discovery- he's left a 9 pint container of Belgian Blue in the van...Pete was so happy. Pete barbecued chicken , sausage and burgers and though we ate inside, it was the first barbecue of the year. We had lots  to catch up on.

Day 4 We had a lazy catching up sort of morning and the RAC agent came and put a new fuel filter on Andy and Carol's van.  We met up with Ian and Karen in their hotel and wandered around before landing in the Bell for a drink. We booked a table and returned later for a nice meal. I was feeling very tired and suspected I was going to be ill.......

Day 5 I was right and I stayed in bed all day shivering and sweating. The others got the train into Worcester and had a lovely day out though it rained to start with. We went to the Black bear for a really nice evening meal and talked to the chef ( from Sunderland) Everyone enjoyed the lovely food.

Day 6 Mel left as he had a golf tournament in Scotland to go to. We went for the train to Charlbury for a trip out. It's a quaint Cotswolds village with very pretty houses. We had a drink in one of the pubs then caught the train back. We had a fish meal in the Redesdale Arms mid afternoon. I and and Karen came up to the campsite for a cheese supper and some photos sharing. It was good to see Andy and Carol's photos of their Australia trip.

Day 7 Tewkesbury.
We all left Moreton- us to go to Tewkesbury, Andy and Carol to Henley and Ian and Karen to their home. Tewksbury was lovely in the sunshine but talking to the wardens meant we parked carefully,not far off the road as all the pitches are grass.We had a lovely walk round till it started raining so we headed for a pub. I headed for a chemist's and got some medicine for the flu the chemist said I had. I went to bed absolutely knocked out by the medicine. The site is lovely and we had a wonderful view of the Abbey.

Day 8 Tewkesbury
Pete went out for a walk while I stayed under the covers- grim. I didn't get to see the site or use the facilities but it was an English Sunday morning listening to the radio, people playing rugby, the Abbey bells ringing, a lawn mower puttering and birds singing.We will come back again as it is a lovely place but I was too ill to go out.

Day 9 We headed home early so I could go to the doctors. It was good to be home.

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