Friday, 5 October 2012

The summer trip is over

It's cold, dark and raining...welcome home! We had an amazing time and  being  back feels  a bit like walking into a wall. We got back to a cold, damp house and I tried to put the heating on and all the power in the house went off.....a good start to being home. Then I broke the door catch when I tried to put the fridge back on....It was the early hours of the morning, I was cold and tired..... What did I do?  I got Pete to put the power back on and we went to sleep in the nice warm motorhome! Everything was a lot better in the light of the next sunny morning. We really appreciated the help of friends who had checked on the house, fed the birds and kept the garden from turning into a jungle.
Last year's trip was all about places...this year's trip was all about people. I'd like to say a big 'thank you' to all the lovely people we met this holiday- you made our trip so special.It was so good to see friends in Greece too, those who live there and those who travel there. It was good to meet people who had read this blog- I felt really humble........but a little bit proud too. I'm happy to help anyone planning a trip to the Peloponnese, just send a quick email and I'll try to answer questions.

Greece is changing under the dreadful grip of the economic situation there. One thing that I hope will never change is the warmth and hospitality of Greek people. Everywhere we went , we were met with kindness, friendliness and amazing hospitality. I really hope that people reading this blog will want to support Greece in their time of crisis and travel there.

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