Tuesday, 24 May 2011

1. Travels in a motorhome.

Maggie and Pete’s travels in 2011

My plan is to write about where we  (husband Pete and me) get to in 2011. We've done the progression from small tent, trailer tent, family caravans, and smaller caravan to motorhome over years and we're now on motorhome four. 

We have an Autotrail Apache 632  which has a fixed transverse bed and is around 6.5 metres. It's almost perfect for the sort of travels we do- a mixture of short distance and long distance, UK and Europe, all year round, with and without friends, on campsites and not.  It suits me not to have to make a bed every night and though it wasn't too much of a problem, I do like to have a quiet sprawl with a book at the bedroom end if someone else wants to watch TV..
So who are we? We're recently retired so we smile a lot and live in South Yorkshire, near a great pub.

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