Tuesday, 24 May 2011

7. April 2011 Tongue End CL near Okehampton

April 2011 Tongue End, Okehampton , Devon

This is a Caravan Club CL near Okehampton just off the A30 so it would make a good stopover. It's  a lovely grassy field, slightly sloping with views over to Belstone and the moor. It's run by a charming gentleman who welcomed us and showed us the tap and emptying point. We chose this because of it's proximity to Sampford Courtenay where we have relatives and there's absolutely nowhere to park the van as the only place is the pub car park with an unfriendly landlord. The CL  is £6 a night with an electric meter taking £1 coins- brilliant!
We were able to cycle from here to Sampford Courtenay  and they lent us some better front bike lights to cycle back to the site with- made my life a lot easier……..

view towards Belstone

laid back

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