Tuesday, 24 May 2011

6. An overnight in Overseal , Derbyshire

April 2011 Robin Hood Inn, Overseal Derbyshire

This pub is mentioned as a motorhome stopover however it had been taken over by someone else in January. When we went in - small car park so no large motor homes possible- they hadn't heard of motorhome stopovers, didn't do meals but were quite happy for us to park and pointed us in the direction of two chip shops and another pub that did food. We walked the mile or so to the other pub only to find out it stopped serving at 7pm. The barman recommended the chip shop nearest to the Robin Hood so we went there and got whale and chips! We shared the chips but even so there were too many and the fish was huge! They were delicious. We had a quiet night but were woken early by the people who stay bed and breakfast in the pub going off to work very early. We set off for Devon

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